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Bob Rothman

Hi, I'm Bob Rothman, Professional Gambler, banned by bookies all over the country just for winning too much.

Bob Rothman Professional Gambler hs been beating teh bookmakers for over 25 years. Because the bookies have banned him for winning too much he now provides horse racing tips on a pay-after-You-win basis. He spends in the region of £100,000 pa assimilating, aquiring and analysing information to help him pick winners for his clients.

Clients pay for his advice only after the horse has won. In exchange for the information they place a token bet on the horse and send the winnings only. In essence the bookmaker pays not the client. Rothman says "when clients win I win ... and I love winning!"

Bob Rothman's Background

Bob Rothman's Experience

Professional Gambler at Bob Rothman Racing

June 1987 - Present | Cobham

Finding winners of horse races

Bob Rothman's Interests & Activities

Horse Racing, Professional gambling, beating the bookies, skiing

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